Can You Propagate Pothos without A Node? (Keys to Easy Propagation)

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Can You Propagate Pothos without A Node?

Can you propagate pothos without a node? No, you cannot propagate pothos without at least a single node. To propagate pothos, you need to cut a stem from the plant that has at least one node–a node is a point where the leaves meet the stem. Cut the stem diagonally so that there is a minimum of two leaves on the cutting. Then place the cutting in water and wait for new roots to form. Once new roots have formed, you can replant your pothos in soil.

Propagating plants can seem daunting, but it can be a fun and rewarding experience. With a little know-how, you can propagate any plant from just a small clipping. In this blog post, you will learn more about propagating pothos.

What Is Propagating?

Propagating is the process of making new plants by taking cuttings of existing plants. Propagation can be done in a number of different ways depending on the plants you are working with. In order to propagate certain plants, you will need certain things to be successful.

What Do You Need to Propagate Pothos?

The main thing you need when propagating pothos is a healthy stem section of the plant that has at least one node. This node is where the new leaves will grow from. Once the new leaves grow from this part of the stem you will start to see new growth where the plant will get longer or bushier.

In order to propagate pothos successfully, you will need a section of the stem with one node, a jar of clean water, and a clean sharp cutting utensil such as scissors or pruners.

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can you propagate pothos without a node

What Are the Benefits of Taking Pothos Cuttings?

The biggest benefit of propagating pothos is that it can help you to create more plants for free. If you have a friend or family member who also wants pothos, you can easily make more plants by taking cuttings and propagating them.

Another benefit of propagating pothos is that it can help to keep your plant healthy. If you take cuttings from a healthy plant, the new plant will also be healthy. This is a great way to ensure that your plants stay disease and pest-free.

How to Propagate Pothos

Here are the 5 easy steps to propagating pothos:

Locate a Node

First, you need to locate a node on the plant. A node is a small bump on the stem where the leaves attach. It is from these nodes that new growth will emerge. You can find nodes by gently running your fingers along the plant’s stem until you feel them.

Remove the Stem

Once you have located a node, use a clean sharp cutting tool to cut the stem at an angle just below the node. Be sure to make your cut at a 45-degree angle so that there are two leaves remaining on the cutting.

By leaving two leaves on the stem section you will give your cutting the best chance for survival as the leaves are what take in light and help the stem section produce new roots.

Take out The Bottom Leaves

If there are more than just two leaves on the stem section you will want to remove any leaves that are closest to the cut that would be in the water. Make sure to do this before putting the stem into water.

Submerge in Water

Place your cut stem section into the water with the 45-degree angle end into the water. Place your jar of water next two a window that gets a little sun. Make sure to change the water out every few days to prevent it from going stagnant.

Plant in Soil

Over the course of a few weeks, you should see your pothos cutting start to develop roots. Once your cutting has developed a decent root system you can start to think about potting your new pothos plant up into a pot with some fresh potting mix.

Is It Possible to Grow Pothos in Water?

Pothos is a type of vine that is commonly grown as a houseplant. Though it is typically grown in soil, some gardeners have had success growing pothos in water. While this method requires a bit more care and attention, it can be a fun way to experiment with different growing techniques.

The most important thing to remember when growing pothos in water is to change the water regularly. Pothos roots are very sensitive to rotting, so it is essential to keep the water clean and fresh. Additionally, you will need to fertilize your plant more often than if you were growing it in soil. Though it takes a bit more work, growing pothos in water can be a fun and rewarding experience.

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How Long Do Pothos Take to Root in Water?

Many plants can be rooted in water, but how long does it take to take root? Pothos is a type of plant that is known for being especially easy to root in water. In fact, many people recommend starting pothos in water because it is so easy and straightforward. So, how long does it take for pothos to root in water?

The answer may surprise you. It only takes a few weeks for pothos to root in water. However, it can take several months for the roots to develop enough to support the plant. Once the roots are strong enough, you can transplant the pothos into soil. With a little patience and care, you can have a beautiful pothos plant in no time!

Is It Possible to Propagate Pothos in Soil Instead of Water?

Yes, you can propagate pothos cuttings in soil instead of water. Just get a bag of your favorite potting soil (this is our favorite potting soil)

Do Pothos Plants Like to Be Misted?

Yes, pothos plants like to be misted as they originate in tropical climates, where they are accustomed to high humidity levels. As a result, they do prefer humid conditions and will benefit from regular misting. However, it is important to not over-mist pothos plants, as this can lead to fungal growth and leaf drop.

The best way to determine whether or not your pothos plant needs misting is to check the leaves. If the leaves are looking limp or discolored, it is a good sign that the air around the plant is too dry. In these cases, a light misting will help to revive the plant. Otherwise, you should only mist your pothos plant when the leaves begin to look dry.

Are Pothos Poisonous to Dogs and Cats?

Pets are often curious creatures, and it’s not uncommon for them to put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t. This can be a cause for concern for pet owners, especially when it comes to plants.

Many common houseplants are actually poisonous to pets, including Pothos.

Pothos is a common houseplant that is known for its easy care and trailing vines. However, it is also poisonous to both dogs and cats. Pothos leaves contain oxalate which can cause irritation in the mouth, increased saliva, and difficulty swallowing.

How Long Does It Take Pothos to Propagate in Water?

One of the great things about pothos plants is that they are very easy to propagate. In fact, it generally takes between 1-3 weeks for pothos to grow roots in water. The best way to propagate pothos is to take a cutting from an existing plant and then place it in a glass of water. Make sure to change the water every few days to prevent it from becoming stagnant. 

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When Should I Transplant Pothos Cuttings to Soil?

Once the pothos cutting has a decent root system you can transplant the pothos cuttings to a container with potting mix. Once you have planted the cutting, make sure to keep it moist for the first several days to help the plant not go through transplant shock.

This can sometimes happen as the plant is used to having water all the time and moving to soil where water isn’t as accessible can be a transition. Keeping it watered for the first few days will help the plant to adjust slowly.

Is It Possible to Reproduce Pothos without Using the Leaves?

Yes, you can take a stem cutting that doesn’t have any leaves and propagate it in water as long as it has a node. This can take a little longer as the cutting doesn’t have leaves to help the plant take in sunlight.

What Is the Best Place to Cut Pothos for Propagation?

The best place to cut a pothos stem for propagation is where you have at least one node for the plant to produce new roots. I like to take a stem cutting that has 2-3 nodes on it if possible as you have a longer cutting to work with.

Just cut the stem where you have a node on it and cut it at a 45-degree angle with a pair of clean scissors or a clean sharp knife.

How to Move a Plant Cutting from Water to Soil?

To move your pothos cutting from water to soil, start by filling a small pot with potting mix. Once you have done that, make a hole in the center of the pot big enough for the stem cutting. Gently insert the stem cutting into the hole and then press down on the potting mix around it to secure it in place.

After the stem cutting is in the pot, water it well and then place it in a bright spot but out of direct sunlight.

Is It Possible for Pothos to Grow in Water Forever?

Pothos can technically grow in the water forever but it’s not recommended. Pothos grown in water can become leggy and have fewer leaves. If you want your pothos to be healthy, it’s best to transfer them to the soil after a few weeks.

Can Pothos Grow Underwater?

No, pothos cannot grow underwater successfully. You can completely submerge the plant but after just a few days the leaves will eventually die. The plant will most likely survive and keep growing stem until the plant reaches the surface.

Pothos is a popular plant to grow in aquariums but you just submerge the roots and allow the leaves of the plants to grow out of the tank.


Here are some common questions about propagating pothos:

Final Thoughts

Propagating pothos is a great way to get more plants without having to spend any money. Pothos are very easy to propagate in water and only take a few weeks to grow roots. Once the roots have grown, you can then transplant the pothos cutting them into the soil. Just make sure to keep the plant moist for the first few days after transplanting to help the plant not go through transplant shock.

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